Equipment and Safety


Attention Race Teams, Raceceiver driver’s radio are mandatory in the Box Stock, 125, 250 and the 500 opens.  Other classes are welcome to use them as well.

Frames must be caged configuration karts not to exceed 90” in overall length.

Treaded tires only.

Wheels must be not exceed 6” in diameter and are to be steel or aluminum only.

Axles shall not protrude past the outside edge of the wheel.

Wings are optional box stock classes.

Body hood is mandatory other pieces tailpiece or side pods may be used. Body may be constructed of any material excluding “cloth, canvas or wood.

Bars, other than regular “nerf” bars may not extend outside the outer edge of the tire. Nerf bars may not extend more than 3” outside the outer edge of the tire.

Numbers must be displayed on the left and right side of the kart including the hood. Numbers must be legible and of a contrasting color to their background.

Brakes must be in good working order.

All caged karts shall be equipped with safety harness; they shall be attached in such a fashion as to restrict driver movement independent of seat movement. The safety harness shall include, at a minimum, a lap belt and shoulder straps.

Approved Neck Braces are mandatory.

Approved Arm Restrains are mandatory. Arm restraints shall be worn between the wrist and the elbow and attached to the lap belt.

Helmets, meeting or exceeding Snell 2012 specifications, SFI Rating accepted being full faced with face shield in place and properly fitted to the drivers head are mandatory.

Aluminum seats are highly recommended for caged karts.

A Kill Switch that effectively disables the motor shall be installed and within the reach of the driver wearing a tightened safety harness.

Chain Guards, designed to protect the driver in the event of a chain failure must be installed.

A Fire Extinguisher, in good working order must be in each race teams pit area.

Driving gloves and shoes are recommended.

Full-length pants are required for all drivers no open toed shoes

Right side cage net is recommended.

All weights must be painted white and fastened within the frame rails.